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My First Solo Game

A topic by Mint-Rabbit created Dec 01, 2021 Views: 140 Replies: 1
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This was the first solo RPG I played. I found it eerie and haunting, and pulling me in to play more solo games. I anticipated every card I drew, and I think it would also serve as a great way to set up a location and mystery for adventurers in a group game to stumble upon at some point in their travels. I'd hand out pieces of the journal for them to try and figure out what happened, and use some of the prompts to design books for them to pick up and bring with them as they travel on to the next place. I'd be interested in using it for games that are all about exploring worlds where civilizations have already come and gone.

I love the idea of adapting a journal from this game into a mystery for future adventurers to explore!