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Quest Of Raziya

A topic by Handlebar-Orion X. created Jan 01, 2018 Views: 327
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This is gonna be pretty awkward of me because at the moment, I have no screenshots. I'm still making assets for it right now.  I'll give you the gameplay concept, but the story and the rest of the info is on the project page. Because I'm an Itch noob I deleted the old thread and moved it here because I'm flustered at the moment.


QOR is gonna be a top down pixelated 32-bit 2.5D stealth-platforming RPG with turn based battles and it'll have top down shmup mini games as transitions to new worlds. Which are skippable if you completed that world. It's gonna sound and look as mid 90's as possible hearkening back to the transitional period between SNES and PS1. And it will be compatible with a keyboard and mouse, touch screens if your device has one, and any controller or control scheme with a directional apparatus a pause button and 6 or more buttons. Meaning even SNES or Genesis 6 Button Pad or Saturn style controllers are compatible. Got a first generation bare bones PS1 controller model SCPH-1010? You can use that. Got any loose 3DO and Atari Jaguar controllers lying around and a way to use them on your device? They're 6 button pads they're fine.

At your disposal will be tech attacks and powers, (which will be powered by Electricity magic,) elemental magic attacks and powers, (for the non-electric stuff) and physical attacks. 97% of the physical attacks will be wrestling moves. Mainly obscure and complex wrestling moves at that. Because I'm a massive wrestling fanatic and I feel like it. You can even assign select attacks and powers to your back triggers if your controller has more than 6 buttons, or to certain directions on your right stick if you have one, both for battles and stealth. This also applies to keyboards or touch screens or external devices.

The overworlds will be a stealthy version of Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past but with platforming and you can freely jump. And you can freely shoot stuff regardless of health. If the enemies see you or are completely impervious to stealth, you engage in a battle with them. But you can stun or damage or even kill most out of battle with a plasma blade or plasma bullets or some select physical attacks as long as they don't catch you.  

The battles will be turn based, but with a refreshing twist. Basically you and your opponent both pick an attack. When you attack, you'll see a transitional anime style pixel animation in the middle of the screen as you charge it, (either by tapping or holding a button,) then you have to aim the attack at your opponent as they run around the battlefield trying to dodge it until the attack is done. Or if it's physical, you chase at your opponent until you catch them and you see a transitional animation of the hold you put on them. When your opponent is attacking, it's the exact same thing but you have to dodge. It's essentially gonna be like a Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG sandwich on Undertale bread with a side order of Hybrid Heaven chips. (I really hope that doesn't sound too complicated) The control scheme will also be very much like Super Mario RPG Legend Of The Seven Stars.

The shoot 'em up sections will be more or less a mini game and very much like Galaga. But sometimes more bullet hell when it comes to major areas. If you run out of HP on these sections you'll just crash land on a nearby piece of land that you can also manually make a pit stop at anyway to recover or buy some basic items then jump back into space combat or just enter the world you were traveling to if you've already beat it, and in these sections you can earn some extra EXP and loose items by blasting enemies to they'll have a bigger purpose than just tacking on another genre for diversity. And they'll range from relatively short to very very short.