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A topic by alevin1 created Dec 31, 2017 Views: 129
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Hi all,
So I am looking for someone to develop for me a fantasy game which will match the following requirements:

1. A fantasy story of your choice. Ensure that game player is the hero which will become overly powerful - I like books such as Magician or Wheel of Time etc. Art work, scripting, etc - and full creative license!

2. The game player will be students. They will play the game, but at certain trigger points will be re-directed to a website (hopefully embedded) where they have to watch educational tutorials. Once complete, teacher will give them a code so they can carry on with the game - simple enough. 

3. The battle needs to be Action based. As close to as possible in terms of style.

4. During battles - random multiple choice questions (based on topics covered so far - point 2) will appear - perhaps using health as a trigger. If game player gets it correct - they can earn more magic points..If they get it wrong - consequence for the game player.

5. Collect in a variable the amount of correct questions game player has answered thus far = easy enough. My role will be providing the content for the tutorials for number 2.

Budget - 300-1500..