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Doki Doki on Raspbian

A topic by Foxxxx created Dec 30, 2017 Views: 1,133 Replies: 4
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I tried running Doki Doki on my Raspberry pi (Whether or whether not Ill be able to even run it, Ill find out later). But anyways I got this error when I executed ./ in this directory "/home/pi/Downloads/ddlc/DDLC-1.1.0-pc" (Where Is located) : 

"./ 77: exec: /home/pi/Downloads/ddlc/DDLC-1.1.0-pc/lib/linux-i686/DDLC: Exec format error"

Any idea if its an issue with the fact the raspberry pi uses an ARM processor and if there is a way to fix this? 



Only few words : You can't.


Even if the Raspberry pi is build for Linux (or Rasbian distribution), "Doki Doki" is build only for PC (with an x86 architecture).
Raspberry pi has an ARM architecture (which is not the same as the x86).

There's only one way to play on the raspberry pi : getting the source code (Developers do not provide us this for obvious reason) and "compile" (build) it in the Raspberry pi.

PS : Sorry for the bad english and the technical word on this message.

there is a way to play it on rpi 3 you need to download this and burn it to a card!huICHLQJ!EDSfyDTBTLlawBEloxV8r_KsgMb1AvE1Ym2xSkY4pL

to run open terminal and type ./newbuild/ path/to/ddlc and done!


well i tried and it took a week. Mind giving it a more detailed explanation next time?

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just dowload renpy by typing 

sudo apt install renpy

and then download windows version of DDLC, create a new project on renpy then move the DDLC files to your new project. open renpy and press run:

you might get a traceback once or twice, but just wait a second and the game will launch.

-Your welcome if this helped, Adaptive