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Regina & Mac

Jump, collect and solve puzzles like it's 1998 - an N64-style collectathon platformer for experienced players. · By Diplodocus-Games

Mac & Regina Video

A topic by SpielproYT created 53 days ago Views: 18 Replies: 2
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I made this video few Months ago, where i play Mac & Regina and i wanna know if you liked it , by letting me know in the comments. Thanks 


Hey SpielproYT, thankyou for the video! I have, in fact, already commented on the video six months ago on Youtube, writing:

Fun video! You actually do not have to walk back by foot all the time, you can just return to the checkpoint (level entrance) in the pause menu.

Ye, i remember, i didn't know that cuz there was no tutorial. It is a good game though. I planned to do an other video of the level that i last stopped.