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Blasted Bots PC Demo now available

A topic by IanAnimated created Mar 07, 2016 Views: 174
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Blasted Bots is a unique and fast paced take on the match-three genre.

Game Play Video

From the cockpit of your space fighter see through your tiles to the enemy beyond. Match blue green or red tiles over the enemy and see lasers blast from the tile's centres into the face of the enemy, sending them reeling and their armour flying.

Match purple shields and yellow ammo to keep their levels high. Match white EMPs to temporarily shut enemies down. Hit loose armour plating with orange tractor beams to suck them into your ship to use for upgrades, or beam in power ups to help turn the tide of battle.

The game is currently a 10 level pre-alpha demo. It is being developed for PC. Future builds are planned for Mac, Linux, iOS and Android (tablets).

Get it here: Blasted Bots