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NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics

NEXT JUMP is a turn-based, tactics Shoot 'em up for people who are bad at SHMUPs, but love them. · By Post Mortem Pixels

Well done! (and some feedback)

A topic by sleeper_games created Dec 26, 2017 Views: 163
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Hi Post Mortem Pixel crew

Couldn't find any way to contact you, so I just made a thread, hope thats ok. Let me start with saying that you have a really sweet game going here, well designed, unique gamplay, great ammount of content. It comes together really well. You should polish this a bit more and put it on steam already. :)

Some bugs/feedback:

- I had some pretty noticible performace hickups, playing on a decent PC. Given the percieved complexity of the game this is probably due to a lack of optimization. Like the game froze for a few noticable milliseconds during actions, like when loading effects.

- After the last turn I can still give move orders and collect additional scrap this way. Probably not intended.

- Sometimes the path I'll take on a move order isn't really clear, or rather in some situations I'm not sure which tiles I'll actually collect from/collide with. I'd highlight any tiles the player goes through will palnning a move order or do a proper tile-to-tile pathing arrow like in Advanced Wars.

- For me some background elements like wreckage and planets stand out too much and lead to some visual confusion. In some cases I wasn't sure whats on the tile layer and whats background. Could be averted by turning down contrast and brightness on those background elements.

- Would be nice if player attacks and enemy attacks are more clearly telegraphed, as in showing which tiles they'll hit (for enemy shots at least while hovering over them). You can get used to the range of the balista for example, but the game could also just tell me how far the shot will reach.

- Similar: I might have missed something but are storm emp strikes seem not be telegraphed at all.

- Not sure if obfuscating enemy health is nesessarry if the game is tacticall and about making educated decissions.

- Game strips down item tooltips after purchasing them. Ingame tooltips should still show stuff like recoil when hovering over weapons, I couldn't remember whether the weapon I purchase had recoild but there was no way to check that without trying ingame.