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99 Colors

Unique Idle / Incremental Game in which you have to find a balance between construction and destruction! · By bewelge

some minor bugs / few criticisms

A topic by hacxattack created Nov 22, 2021 Views: 123 Replies: 2
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Without an autoclicker it was very hard to upgrade the standard objects ingame. You included an x10 x100 option, but I'd advise discluding the "prestige" upgrades from that class as it prevents you from upgrading there, unless you switch back to x1.  Prestige upgrades should only allow x1. As it is, it was easier to just use the autoclicker at x1 to upgrade things, so I wouldn't have to switch back and forth.

Similarly, it would be nice if the game remembered whether I was in "constructor" or "turret" mode last. It would be a lot faster / less annoying if I didn't have to click the turret button every time I prestiged in order to build DP.

Rather than having to hide the lower value meteors, it would be nice if all the upgrades were in-line in such a way that it would always be graphically pleasing (i.e. you would hide the fast-spawning meteors by upgrading out of having to see them, rather than hiding them thru the menu)

I might have more ideas as they come up.


I also ran into some situations where the turrets "lowest only" option caused them to cease shooting altogether. I'm not sure if it was because these meteors were merging too fast, or what. It may have been a graphical issue only, I really don't know. It happened around lvl 50 and again around lvl 70. But this had little to no impact on gameplay.


Hey there :)

First of all, thanks for playing. It's nice to know that people still enjoy this game. 

I'm not sure if I'll ever start working on the game though. I made this while still at school and the code is one big mess. Pretty sure I would just break things if I started to implement new features ;) But if I do, I'll be sure to consider your suggestions, so thanks again!