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99 Colors

Unique Idle / Incremental Game in which you have to find a balance between construction and destruction! · By bewelge

Tips for a relaxing experience / also a review

A topic by hacxattack created Nov 22, 2021 Views: 141 Replies: 1
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This is a really great game - simple, and visually pleasing without being graphically complex. Well done!

Once you get to higher levels, it may seem like the game is constantly splattering you with paint - never fear! The developer included a setting to hide the lowest level meteors. Take note - this value is from the "base" that you have set from prestige - not the meteors' actual level. I find a value of 4-5 is perfect for absolute hypnotism. It's like watching galaxies collide!

Another note - this game is highly iterative from lvl ~50 onwards to the lvl cap of 99. But this is typical of "progress" games. Especially ones not designed to bleed you for microtransactions. It's almost a shame that it ended, though, as I liked watching the balls fly and orbit around each other. 

That's about all the negative things I can say, though. I only wish it was a 400 hr game and not a 4 hr one. 


Disclaimer: hiding lower level meteors means you may need to spray around blindly to get enough DM points.