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Lands Of Rogue - My New Project

A topic by cartergames created Dec 24, 2017 Views: 91
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I am currently working on a roguelike game called "Lands Of Rogue" (Yes 66.6% of the name is from Streets Of Rogue) which will have a procedurally generated world and map (currently map is about 25% coded). The aim is to have a roguelike survival game with a dwarf fortress style world. I am currently able to generate a standard 2d map with 5x5 (or any other square room size really) rooms that only rarely overlap and I am working on fixing those rare overlaps.

The items that you get will have a SoR (Streets of Rogue) style humour as I love that game and am only 12 and learning unity.

Do any of you think you would be interested in playing this? (I have a very barebones test that I could distribute to willing testers if want to)

The final game will have a dwarf fortress feel but with survival and exploration as more of a key component than fortress building

(Above) Quick preview of what you can do. You can currently place walls (black boxes) if you click RMB then LMB on the boxes. (Doesn't work on the border) As usual graphics are bare-bones alpha stuff.