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Ghost of PSTU

Free first person perspective indie horror game based on true story! · By Fazle Rabbi

Ghost of PSTU: Update #2 Highlights

A topic by Fazle Rabbi created Mar 05, 2016 Views: 146
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Highlights of the public BETA (v0.4.2 BETA2):

  • Detailed terrain maps.
  • Horrible environment will be start from level 1.
  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Torchlight battery charge value have increased for level 2.
  • Additional battery have given from the start of level 2.
  • Included appropriate credit in the credit section!

Plans for the next release:

  • Did you noticed the First-person shooter (FPS) style from the start! Yes, it's time to kick ass of the ghost!
  • Main campus including Bangobondhu Hall will be design for the next release.
  • GOP will switch from PC Console to mobile platform so soon!

You can expect a lot of updates and new features in the coming weeks. Actually after finishing this game, the investigation of the suicide will begin!

Any kinds of suggestions/feedback/review will be highly appreciated!

The developer intend to release a complete and fully functional game. However, since the product will be released for multiple platforms, updates will likely be required. These updates would consist of any bug fixes that are necessary, compatibility patches for all of the current platform that support the game System, and expansions of the content. If the players find any issues or has any comments they would be able to contact the developer through the official support email address which is

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