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Ghost of PSTU

Free first person perspective indie horror game based on true story! · By Fazle Rabbi

Ghost of PSTU: Update #2

A topic by Fazle Rabbi created Mar 05, 2016 Views: 317
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Hey everyone! Just a quick update on development... Things have been going along swimmingly! I've made a lot of progress these last couple of days, and I'd like to share with you a bit of that progress.

I started earlier with a complete rewrite of my code from the 'Ghost of PSTU: M. K. Ali Hall Tragedy' prototype. I'm slowly rebuilding the game and have cut down my code immensely, so it's more optimized under the hood, feels better whilst in game, and will be easy to integrate and expand on it in the future.

Now that code is close to something playable, i can start focusing on maps, items, and more, so in the next couple of months, you should start seeing some visible progress on the content side of things.
Here's a link to download the v0.4.2.1 to tide you over! More updates are coming in the future!