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Lightning War

Tense Tabletop Roleplaying in a High Fantasy World's World War II · By Ben Sandfelder - Games, Ink

Seems a bit... Shallow?

A topic by TomaN3 created Nov 18, 2021 Views: 106 Replies: 1
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Good Day,

I really love what you've done so far with Lightning War, however I can't help but feel as if the rules presented are a bit shallow. Will there ever be rules for magic beyond Arc perks? Will characters ever be able to wield magic like a shaper? Are you planning on releasing rules for vehicles and the like? I feel as if these things would greatly increase the breadth and depth of your game. 


Hi TomaN3!

I'm glad you're enjoying the game! It was an intentional decision of mine to keep things in the rulebook pretty simple and streamlined. I'm sorry if that comes across as shallow. I wanted to keep focused on personal, small-scale infantry conflicts, where vehicles are more like "supporting characters" than something players have access to.

I wanted to give GMs a lot of room to expand the game on their own. Dropping in homebrewed Ancestries, Perks, or equipment is meant to be relatively quick and easy for groups. The world itself is takes a "broad strokes" approach so that GMs can add their own locations and original nations as-needed. I agree that there's a lot of room to expand the rules - and I'd strongly encourage GMs to do so!

I am sitting on a few plans for expansions leftover from the Kickstarter - including new Ancestries, new perks, new equipment, and new parts of the setting. Because of some life changes since the pandemic, I've had to step away from designing for the past year. However, I'm hoping to get back into it in 2022. If there's an appetite for more Lightning War, I would absolutely be down to revisit some of those ideas!