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Twine games with character customization - Part 1

A topic by xSai created Nov 16, 2021 Views: 61,054 Replies: 17
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This is a list of text-based games with character customization that I've tried so far and that I find worth recommending, most of them (if not all) created through Twine. Keep in mind that newest titles added are at the end of the lists. I wanted to provide this since I have been asked by a few people regarding any games I know of like this. I plan to include more titles in this list as I find them, and recently I've gained some help in adding to the list over time. If you have any questions or spot anything that needs correcting, feel free to let us know.

Remember; everyone's opinion is different. The titles listed here are ones I personally enjoy since they are really well written with immersive content. I have yet to have found a complete Twine story, however, the ones listed in the following are ongoing works in progress and they do have quite a bit already released until then. Hope this list helps. ^_^

P.S.  I welcome any opinions on any of the stories you decide to try, or even if you have suggestions of your own. 

UPDATE: I have recently made a Discord server for anyone interested in Twine games or VN with player customization, and you are welcome to join! I will be mostly updating any games I find there since it's easier and others may contribute if they would like to. ^_^  ** (PLEASE NOTE: Although games that may contain adult themes are permitted to be discussed on the server, anything specifically NSFW-related is not and is instead restricted to a separate channel labeled for it. Please read through the rules and show respect to the other members because I show zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior.)**  

----You are welcome to join here -->



Deliverance -

The Phoenix Knight -

Deity's Gift -

From Within - (Link currently broken)

City of Immortals -

Project Hadea -

Water to Blood -

Superstition (1) -

Superstition (2) -

Night of Nights -

Sea of Graves -

Scout -

Regrets of the Traitor -

Bad Ritual -

The Chosen One - (Link currently broken)

Snakeroot -

A Tale of Crowns -

Insight -

Eight Years Revolution -

Speaker -

Inner Demons -

Exiled from the Court -

Waybinder -

A Sky of Stars Scarlet Dusk -

Crimson Rose and White Lily -

Vardir -

The Woods Hungers -

Eye of the Moon -

Red Sugar Society -

Buried Love -

Out of the Blue -

The Ballad of Devil's Creek -

Dark Spirited -

Entropy -

Wall -

Whisper in the Dark -

Vogvhathos -

Ballad of the Judgement Night -

The Nameless -

Times Legacy -

The Masked Defenders -

Swallow the Dark -

---New additions to the list---

Crosshollow Foundations -

Not Another Advent Story -

Eden -

Ascendance -

The Overtaken -

Earth Text Based Life Sim

A paradox between worlds –

Things unwanted -


---Updated List (Courtesy of  McGclock) Newest are at the end of the list***

The Northern Passage:

A Paradox Between Worlds:

Fellow Traveler:

The Last Witch:

For The Crown -

Throne of Ashes -

We All Bleed Red

Hollowpass Town Mysteries -

Frostford's Mysteries -

Souls Of Nothing -

Sanctum -

Villain's Promise -

Ascendence -

All paths lead to the Underground -

Underbelly -

The Alchemist -

The Brighter The Dawn -

Thieves of Divinity -

Ninelives -

the golden harp -

Wolfwater -

Shapeless Soul -

Elsinore: After Hamlet -

A Knights Heart -

Nellis Noble Magic Academy -

Swan Song -

For Whose Majesty (Previously named "Long Live The Emperor") -

Summoners Gate -

The Unquiet Grave -

Awakening of the gods -

Dead Men's Tales -

Olympus: Secret Services -

spilt milk (No gameplay available yet) -

The Rotting Tree:

You, Me and The End:


The Moonless:

VTM: Blood Frontier -

The Hunt: DemonEyes:

Tell Me If There's A Way Home:

The Witch's Bakery:


They All Fall Down: (Link currently broken)


Boundary Pass:

Shadow's Kiss:

Sinners and Saints:

Beyond The Waves:

Esper: Fugitive :

Sevens Deadly:

Detectives of Willborne:


Tales from the Road:

The Black River:

Fallen Lights:

Survival Games:

The list ends here, visit our next thread for more titles:

***Part 2 -

***If you have any recommendations you'd like to add to this list, feel free to let me know. The help is always appreciated and I'll be sure to credit those who contribute to it. Please remember, they must have some sort of CYOA with character customization alike to the other titles mentioned on this post. Thank you!  ^_^ 

this is the good shit!

I'm glad you like them XD

i love these kinds of games, i always am happy to find more!

Deleted 1 year ago

Awesome, thank you! ^_^

Now that I think about it, I completely forgot to mention The Brighter the Dawn. So thank you, I'm glad you listed it. ^_^


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I'm actually working on a story as well.  I'll be sure to post it once I get the first two chapters done. Highly doubt it will be even nearly as good as the ones in any of these lists though, but I'll let you guys be the judge of that. 

dude that sounds awesome! totally would like to play

Here's another one I found - 


Hey xSal!

Awesome list!

I'm a Twine 2 Sugarcube 2 Game Developer. 

I've just implemented a very basic character creation tutorial.

Please consider adding this to the list.


Hey there! Thanks for letting me know about the game, I got through the first part of it but ran out of time before I could get any further, So far I like it! I'll add it to the list for others to try out too. ^_^

Deleted 1 year ago

Awesome, thanks so much again! :D 

Deleted 1 year ago

Got it, I'll be sure to credit you on the recommendations as well since you've been contributing a ton to this thread.  :P  

Deleted 1 year ago

Much appreciated 😉 I'll update the thread.

Deleted 1 year ago

Yeah, I'll do that. Thanks for the updates ^_^

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Since the post has a text limit, i'll need to make a part 2.