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Open Hexagon - my "spiritual successor" to Super Hexagon!

A topic by Vittorio Romeo created Nov 14, 2021 Views: 318
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Hey folks! I just released “Open Hexagon” here on

Open Hexagon is a “spiritual successor” to Super Hexagon, a popular indie game that was created by Terry Cavanagh back in 2012. The basic concept is quite simple: you are a small triangle, and you need to avoid the incoming obstacles by spinning around the center of the screen. Note that Terry Cavanagh fully endorses the project!

Open Hexagon expands upon the original’s simple mechanics by adding features such as a 180° swap move, curving walls, and more. However, the most important thing is that Open Hexagon features a powerful Lua scripting system, allowing creative people to create their own levels. I’ve seen incredible creations, ranging from brand new games implemented as a Open Hexagon level, to “Bad Apple!!” being embedded in the game via a matrix of moving walls.

The game is written in C++17, and it’s completely open-source. The source code is available on GitHub. If you have any question about the game itself or any implementation detail, feel free to ask here on or the official Discord server – we have a channel dedicated to level development via Lua scripting and a channel dedicated to the development of the C++17 engine.

I also wrote some articles on the game’s internals. As an example, check out “ implementing secure leaderboards for my game”, explaining the cheat prevention mechanisms I used to implement a fair and competitive online environment.

I sincerely hope you check out the game and enjoy it.

Cheers, Vittorio