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A mystery and romance tale spanning through many eras. Watch as this world's tragedies and secrets are unveiled. · By roddio

Nerus 0.8 General Discussion Locked

A topic by roddio created Nov 06, 2021 Views: 610 Replies: 3
This topic was locked by roddio Jan 06, 2022
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Same deal as usual. Share theories, opinions, criticism, memes, thirsting. Just be reasonably respectful.

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New mysterious character: Pyr. Name hidden in the backlog through the end of 0.8. I'm wondering if they are the same character as the one that speaks to Nerus (or the reader?) through the backlog towards the end of the prologue . 

Also after having experienced Obli's story so far in chapter 2 and the new info regarding Alessia and her life before the abbot murder case, I'm thinking about revisiting some chapter 1 scenes and probably share my thoughts here later.

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I read the first story... and I was glued to the screen, at the end I was there with them, I felt the bond tighten more and more, when everything is finally going to get to the main point of their relationship... their first night is not described? why? (making love or sex would complete everything). The way of writing was fantastic, the timing perfect few designs but with a lot of style, but I like a mess. I do not understand why it is classified over 18 years, the sex described is almost not there, you get to the beginning that they are approaching and then you go to the next day, the sexual images are not there, in my opinion it is an older than 16 years. But I hope it’s integrated. because it was so involving that not making it complete was like having a delicious lunch of 20 courses without the final dessert. Beyond that I just said.. many compliments really

I recently picked this vn up again after ditching it a while ago and man, i didn't know what i was missing this whole time. The backlog detail at the end of the prologue spooked and intrigued me quite a bit, would have never expected something like that.
The first chapter's murder mistery story got me hooked up completely too and is making me wish i knew more mistery novels like this one to read hah!

Seriously though, what an amazing read, i will recommend this VN as an absolute must for anyone looking into a well crafted story.

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