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A tiny grid-based game framework · By rxi

bug report: game softlocks when IME enabled after first keystroke

A topic by farter created Nov 06, 2021 Views: 152
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windows 10 professional 20H2 19042.985

softlocks like, the drag-to-move-the-window and the close button on the title bar doesn't work, but the animation in the running game continues. have to righ-click and close on taskbar. non alphabetical buttons (arrows) causes softlock too.

fails even in the english (sub)mode of ime (such as microsoft pinyin for chinese).

works fine when switched to "English(US) American Keyboard" before startup.

in fact it seems after starting up, trying to switch ime (when focusing on this app) doesn't work at all.

(i'm in "use ime state PER application" mode in windows settings, which seems legacy but useful. not sure if it's the source of bug.)

nice minimalist software, cheers!