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Interpolating .pngs in multiple folders

A topic by Tiebraker created Nov 06, 2021 Views: 169 Replies: 2
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Hello! First of all thank you for your wonderful tool, it really helps us and inspires us during our work. We're making a game with thousands of sprites, stored in hundreds of folders. They all have 24 fps and we want to make it 48. Is there any option to work with multiple folders at once, so that I wont have to drag everything in and out manually? It will save us days (if not weeks) of work.


I understand your problem, but the current version don't have an option that could work with multiple forlders.

I can develop a option to select a folder instead of files, but it will take some time. 

For now, there is only a workaround I can think about.

1. Name each sprite with a sequencial number.

  • Animation 1: 0001.png 0002.png 0003.png
  • Animation 2: 0004.png 0005.png 0006.png
  • Etc

After that, interpolate all in the same folder.

After the interpolation, get all the output frames and separate them in folder again.

I put in my TODO list to select folders, but it will take a while.

Thank you!