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Ninjan - Puzzle-Platformer!

A topic by Eroxxie created Feb 29, 2016 Views: 202 Replies: 2
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You must be swift, be precise , be agile. You are a ninja, you are


Ninjan is a 2D retro Puzzle-Platformer, combining logics with agility.

Use your ninjutsu abilities such as wall jump, body rolling and of course your sword to collect the sake bottles to complete the levels! Race with the time on each level to get the lowest time possible! Along with this, Ninjan offers a beautiful art and retro and feel to the game!

A PC demo will soon be realeased for you to test out! Our mainpriority system is PC, but we plan to release it to Mac and tablet alternatives! We hope that you follow this project and test it out later!

A demo has been released for download!

Get it now!