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Cook for the Giant (VR)

A speed reading game: quickly read through a recipe to find out which ingredients to throw into a huge cauldron. · By Vhite Rabbit

Bug Reports Sticky

A topic by Vhite Rabbit created Dec 13, 2017 Views: 241
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If you find any bugs, please let us know! Unless the bug is super obvious, then we probably already know it.

Before you add your bug:

  • Do a quick check if someone else already found the bug and posted it here.

When you add your bug:

  • Please describe what you did when the bug appeared so we can try to make it appear again ("reproduce the bug").
  • It would be amazing if you try to reproduce the bug yourself to make sure your description is working.

Thank you for helping us!
Cheers, Jonathan of Vhite Rabbit.