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Vhite Rabbit

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@leafo Screenshots are added! :) Thank you for the reminder.

Hey leafo!
Of course, we will add screenshots and a video as soon as the gamejam is over and the game is done (8 hrs from now!) :)

Created a new topic Bugs
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If you find any bugs, please let us know! Unless the bug is super obvious, then we probably already know it.

Before you add your bug:

  • Do a quick check if someone else already found the bug and posted it here.

When you add your bug:

  • Please describe what you did when the bug appeared so we can try to make it appear again ("reproduce the bug").
  • It would be amazing if you try to reproduce the bug yourself to make sure your description is working.

Thank you for helping us!
Cheers, Jonathan.

Created a new topic Feedback
What did you like about the game? What did you not like? Did you get motion sick?

We are very interested what you think!
This is the place for your positive and negative criticism, but please do remember to stay polite, even if you dislike the game. ;)

Cheers, Jonathan.