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Unity scene set-up (lighting) Locked

A topic by Kenney created Dec 12, 2017 Views: 3,383
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Unity scene set-up (lighting)

Here's a guide how to set-up a Unity scene and get the same lighting, shadows and effects as in Asset Forge. The second part (post processing) requires some plug-ins from the Unity Asset Store.


  1. Open the Lighting property panel (Window > Lighting > Settings).
  2. Set Environment Lighting source to Color, set the color to #E6EDFF.
  3. Leave all other settings on their default values.
  4. Create or select a Directional Light.
  5. Set the color to #FFFAEB, set Shadow Type to Hard Shadows and Realtime Shadows strength to 0.3. Keep all other settings to their default values.

Post processing

  1. Add SSAO Pro (commercial) to the main camera, tweak the settings until it looks right for your scene.
  2. Optionally add SMAA (free) for better anti-aliasing.