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I can't download the app

A topic by UnknownUser752 created Oct 31, 2021 Views: 2,336 Replies: 13
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Hello, I wanna install the desktop app and every time I try to go and click the download button on it just says this API error (403): /games/266568/uploads: invalid key

Can anybody help me with this?


I have the same issue, getting it resolved would be nice.


Same issue here. Is there an outage of some kind?


I have the same issue


Having the same problem here. I don't see any replies with a fix. 

it's fixed, for me at least. I didn't do a thing. I just saw in another post that the problem was solved.


yeah couldn't update the app for some reason, so i uninstalled and now that i try to install again i get the same issue


Seems like devs broke something. They'll probably fix it soon.


Huh same error here, I think it was forcibly removed temporarily as the link cant find the download directory. 

Maybe they're tweaking something with the app?

But dang that's a long fix as according to the thread it's been more than 15 hours already and I tried to download it earlier too but figured they must be updating it or something but it's still not up... It makes me sad that I don't know what's goin on as there doesn't seem to be any updates on the issue.


I try to download and install from Epic game store. It got an error too. 

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i'm with this problem now yet, it must be some problem in the html api routing


They fixed it!


Wow it works now, thanks for fix it!!!

i had  this problem too. for me, deactivating dps(deep packet inspection) related programs has solved the problem

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