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Do this games's developers plan to update their page again?

A topic by Fafhred created Dec 09, 2017 Views: 493 Replies: 1
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So, I just discovered this game a couple of days ago, downloaded the demo available here, and checked it out.

I am quite interested in this game, but found a number of issues with this alpha version and was about to contact them as suggested IN game.

Came back here looking for a link to their home page to do so, but it is not there, instead there are a link to a Discord channel (which I would not use) and a wiki.

Looking at the wiki allowed me to discover that the files on are much out of date (the wiki displays version 3.52 as current alpha version, with 4.0 coming soon, but no links), and that they had a successful Kickstarter in the meantime which apparently led them to stop updating here.

Their Kickstarter seem to be now linked with Steam, which I blacklisted for multiple reasons.

A link from the wiki to their actual home page ( ) allowed me to discover that:

'If you have any questions or concerns (or praise, we love praise!), please email,

and we’ll try to answer to the best of our ability. But we are busy, so
if we somehow miss an email or two, please don’t be offended, just send
one again. Thanks!'

(in plain language, they may or may not read their emails...)

As for me, I wasted too much money over the past 10 years on funding projects turned to vaporware (even before Kickstarter existed) to fund any project that way any more, and Steam would have been a no-go anyway.

So I am posting this here to test if they even read their page on any more (last activity here seem to have been 67 days ago today).

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I had a similar question, but I emailed them and asked them about it and they said that both and Steam have the 2.1 release while the KS backers get the latest builds. So unless you back the project, 2.1 is the build players who haven't backed the game will have available to them, presumably until the game releases fully!