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Same issue, I eventually bought the game through GOG since it was not available here, for me it is now unplayable (so many crashes, and ONLY automatic save at the end of game day)

Buying a new laptop just to play this game is NOT an option.

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oops   xD

I had been following this on and off for some time amongst others game, did not noticed that it was now finished ...

Feedback about the download itself (I am using FF latest version, will NOT use Edge, Chrome, nor any browser derived from Chrome - for instance the versions of Opera for the past 2 years or so).

At the end of download, the download window displays a message under the file name: 'This file is not commonly downloaded'.

After download, the usual thing is to click 'Clear Download' to remove finished downloads and cancelled download from the list; THAT removed the downloaded file as well, as if it had been cancelled.

2nd attempt, clicking instead on the button to open the folder into which that file is downloaded, opens a pop-up (never seen before) warning that the file may be unsafe, and asking for manual confirmation.

Before that manual confirmation, the file was NOT available as a finished download in the download folder.

I suggest you might want to have a word with

The non-Patreon version, which is clearly a demo version.

Sorry if I forgot to precise it.


I was replying for Monster Girl RPG, but I can check that one out as well :-)

Just added it to my collection, and downloading it atm.

I tried the demo version, but honestly did not go far.

2 things stopped me:

- The lousy character name (bad even for a demo).

- The early mention that the demo did not contain any H stuff.

Never received any answer to my post from around 2 years ago.

Checking this again today, I see that there is now a button to download Mahou Arms v.0.0.206, however it does not work:

- First I have a warning from Firefox about this page attempting to open pop-up.

- If I go in options to allow that pop-up, it opens instead a tab to, but that ends up with an error message:

Cannot GET /standalones/

(probably the same thing the previous poster reported 3 months ago).


If you still need a tester, I do have a lot of time on my hands, plus I have done this kind of things in the past for various games (I was even in the credits for one).

However, I cannot use Discord (I rejected their ToS a few years back, and afaik they did not change the part I would not accept).

I do have an email address I can give you instead (but NOT make public).

Removing this game from my list since apparently the full game is now Steam-only.

I blacklisted Steam years ago, and the reasons for that are still standing.

Removing from my list, since the author is no longer updating on this site.

The developers are now clearly ignoring this site, therefore removing this game from my list.

I will NOT go back on Steam which I blacklisted years ago (the reasons for that are still standing).

Well, since I blacklisted Steam years ago, and the reasons for that are still standing, I am now removing this game from my watching list...

I have been following this game for some time.

I am curious to know why it is not for sale here, while I found recently that it is now for sale on GOG ?

I use both sites, and I am puzzled with this considering that the whole development stage is/was posted here.

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I am interested in you game, but I have major issues with Patreon, which I actually banned after disabling my account several months ago (details should be easy to find, it was quite an uproar at the time).

Will the uncensored version be available here?

And obviously your patcher will not be an option for me.

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Also, keep in mind that the issue I discovered with Kickstarter themselves is probably shared by others who did not bother to give feedback on that.

It is highly likely that a sizeable fraction of EU players do not accept their terms.

Will this game come back to for downloads?

Steam is a no-go for me.

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Well, I was in the process of making a 20 USD pledge through Kickstarter, when I found out 2 issues with them, after registering:

- They do not comply with EU regulations on cookies (users must be allowed to select the level of cookies they accept on their computers, and no, a 'take it or leave it' policy does not comply).

- They do not accept PayPal as method of payment, which is my exclusive means of payment for online transactions, for security reasons (NOT spreading my card details around various sites, thank you).

So I will just wait and buy it later once released.

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I am interested in this game, but BEFORE I join a Kickstarter I must know how the finished game will be distributed for founders.

The reason being that I banned Steam years ago for a combination of several reasons, and therefore would not pay for anything distributed exclusively through them.

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This is the first version which is working for me; until now, all froze at the first attempt of interaction (E), as I reported a few months back on the Patreon version at the time.

So whatever you changed since version 0.8.0 fixed this.

Another thing, I absolutely hate music in games, could you please add a method, even just a switch at this point, to turn it off?

At the moment I have to use the sound mixer to turn the sound off entirely, and I have no clue if there are useful sound effects because of this.

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I Just tried, used GOG's search page with the full game name first, then just 'Legrand' then 'Fatebounds", all 3 searches got the message 'No results found'.

I will check again when the release countdown expired on your website.

My old account may still exist or not, but the reason I wrote it off back then was MASSIVE PK.

Basically as a new player at the time I got immediately ganked everywhere I tried to do anything; think like everywhere being the equivalent of higher risk areas in EVE online.

Curious to know why I found this why specifically looking for RPGs?

This is clearly a visual novel, and both game types are pretty much incompatible (RPGs cannot be linear, while visual novels are so by nature); some adventure games can be linear, but then again adventure and RPG are not the same even if often confused.

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Demos are treated differently on GOG, they have separate page entries from full games; I could find you a few examples if you need.

Games in development listed on GOG can be pre-purchased, basically (at least most of them, but I remember some with prices marked TBA, therefore you could not purchase those).

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When running MYSTERIOUSISLAND_FULL_1.02_ENG.exe , the text and all buttons of the installers are in what I think is Polish (aborted the installation since I cannot read it or the buttons):

  • Naciśnij przycisk Instaluj, aby rozpocząć wypakowywanie.
  • Przycisk Przeglądaj umożliwia wybranie folderu docelowego z drzewa folderów. Folder docelowy może też być wprowadzony ręcznie.
  • Jeśli folder docelowy nie istnieje, to zostanie utworzony przed rozpoczęciem rozpakowywania archiwum.

You definitely should, if they did; they have a number of similar pages for various games still in development.

There is a potential issue, though, with their TOS on purchase of such games: quoting from their FAQ ( , 'What is the refund policy for games in development?'), '... Technical issues covered by the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee do not apply to games in development. Instead, you can return the game within 14 days of your purchase...'

In clear, that means that the period to get a refund (if there is an issue with the game) typically ends long before the game is available... fairly illegal terms here (consumers rights issues), so those pages are mostly advertising the game, I do not thing that many people buy early from them under those conditions.

So, I just discovered this game a couple of days ago, downloaded the demo available here, and checked it out.

I am quite interested in this game, but found a number of issues with this alpha version and was about to contact them as suggested IN game.

Came back here looking for a link to their home page to do so, but it is not there, instead there are a link to a Discord channel (which I would not use) and a wiki.

Looking at the wiki allowed me to discover that the files on are much out of date (the wiki displays version 3.52 as current alpha version, with 4.0 coming soon, but no links), and that they had a successful Kickstarter in the meantime which apparently led them to stop updating here.

Their Kickstarter seem to be now linked with Steam, which I blacklisted for multiple reasons.

A link from the wiki to their actual home page ( ) allowed me to discover that:

'If you have any questions or concerns (or praise, we love praise!), please email,

and we’ll try to answer to the best of our ability. But we are busy, so
if we somehow miss an email or two, please don’t be offended, just send
one again. Thanks!'

(in plain language, they may or may not read their emails...)

As for me, I wasted too much money over the past 10 years on funding projects turned to vaporware (even before Kickstarter existed) to fund any project that way any more, and Steam would have been a no-go anyway.

So I am posting this here to test if they even read their page on any more (last activity here seem to have been 67 days ago today).

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It says on one of those posts that this game is on GOG... but it is not.

I mostly buy games through GOG nowadays, so I went to check there; it is not listed, either as released (which it should not) or 'game in development (which it should if it were actually on GOG; example: CrossCode ).

I could only find it on a GOG wishlist, which is done by users, NOT by GOG.

At this time there is NO information from GOG that it will be listed there.

Shame that this is an abandoned project...

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Since the demo is already a limited part of the game, I would suggest allowing the choice of character; as it is the imposed character does not fit my type of gameplay, and as such I did not go past that fake character selection screen.

Update 47 days later:

It looks like the author is not following this page any more, and I banned years ago Steam for several reasons.

Consequently, writing this game off.

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I was interested in the idea, although I am not usually interested in visual novels, so I tried the demo.

I am afraid that I found it way too short to tempt me to buy the full game (it ends when the character just arrived in the real world, only a few minutes into the story).

Moved here to follow you and a few others, after deleting my Patreon

account (I do not accept the changes they are making this month).

I did receive your message in my email even though I had already deleted my account, and I understand your reasons, my post was to let you and other people know why I did this.

At least 1 other author whom I followed there had already made his own post on the matter, and I suspect that this will become a hot potato for the coming weeks.

Moved here to follow you and a few others, after deleting my Patreon account (I do not accept the changes they are making this month).