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It could have been what happened since the warehouse was full for a short while, but it should not have been when they were supposed to reach te warehouse, and there was plenty of space there afterwards, but they never left the 'blocked' status.

Logically, they should have been able to dock there and unload once there was enough empty space.

Could you please post the requirements?

For me it crashes on startup.

Bug report

Hi, I started this version, and hit a bug where 2 of the shuttles ended up in 'blocked' status and will not move any more.

Tried various things and could not find anyway to unblock them.

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Installed, then removed your launcher.

Reason: at the screen supposed to allow me to select an installation folder for games installed through it, the launcher closed or crashed the instant I clicked on the button to manually select a folder.

Following attempts did not show that option screen, and clicking general settings through the options under the arrow, had no effect.


Just bought your game on GOG, which is not listed here. Steam is not an option, blacklisted them years ago.

It is just shown there as version 5 (, can I apply the updates which you are posting here ?

There has been no reply while there has been a new update since.

Now reconsidering purchasing this game.

I wish I could post a screenshot here, because you are wrong.

Try going to a public library, and access your links WITHOUT logging into any Patreon account or having any Patreon cookie on that computer.

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I tried one of the beta versions, and I will be buying this game through Epic once it will become available (there is the Prologue version there, is that the same as the beta version?)

I have 1 gripe, through: I enjoy thorough exploration, and as such I usually hate '1-save games'; when you get an automatic 1-way transition without warning to a next area, you lose the possibility to fully explore the area the game just forced you to leave.

As the game stands now, you would need to RESTART the whole chapter.

I suggest that you add the option to restart instead the area you were just expelled from...

Additionally, I received and deleted without opening it, an email suposedly sent by Repulse, while I had not provided you my email address...

The problem with your logic, is that you are counvinced that the public releases are accessible on Patreon without registering as a patron, while they are not.

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I have a bone with your answer here.

As I mentioned in a previous topic, the link you are providing DOES NOT give access to download links, only to a plain text list of 'waves'.

You would ONLY GET ACCESS to the downloads after registering as a patron.

Until you understand and correct those, people will keep asking you for the links...

All that is visible is a list of them, without content, information, or explanation; therefore meaningless if you do not register as a Patron to get details.

CANNOT read your posts on Patreon without becoming a Patron first...


Become a member


  You will get:

  • Access to the news feed with status updates and plans.

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Quote; "

Hello! MonGirl Conquest鈥檚 v0.1.4 Magus release wave is up for grabs! Don鈥檛 forget to check it out if you haven鈥檛 already."

Well, it seems to be only available to people who registered as your patrons on Patreon...

I blacklisted them after they tried to rip-off existing Patrons a few years back.

That did quite lot of waves at the time, and they never apologized to patrons nor compensated us.

Are you still working on it?

There have been no news on Patreon since Development Update - New Animations, 5 Feb 2022; and even less here.

There has not been any news here for over a year...

You cannot, since Flash has been abandonned, and all browsers block it due to major safety issues

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Sorry, but I do not use Discord either; I am aware that most people accept to sign any contract without reading the terms, but I always do and rejected theirs back then.

Anyway, you did not answer my 2 main questions.

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I just found this game through GOG, where it is currently on offer at 50% (

It is still listed with them as 'In dev', with last version from June 8, 2021 (nearly a year and half ago).

The last post here is from over 2 years ago, with a much smaller download than the version currently on GOG.

I see on your page here that it was last updated on Aug 10, 2022, which is not reflected on the files here or on GOG.

So, 2 questions:

- Do you still work on it, and will you update the files here and on GOG?

- If you still work on it, will it be possible to purchase from Itch as well?

(I will never use Steam again, and I wrote off GOG Galaxy due to too many issues over the years, so Itch is the only place I can follow updates unless you get a homepage elsewhere)

Does not work with Itch installer (error message)

Probably: it says in the description (above): 'This prototype was developed simply as a coding exercise and we don't have any plans to expand on the game.'

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I just tried this game, played a few hours.

It is nice, but I have a few gripes:

- Cannot loot or trade stacks, has to be 1 item at a time regardless the size of the stack.

- Selected runes are NOT kept selected when you reload, so you have to go back in inventory to re-select them, and recast in case of the light. That is probably a bug.

- Lack of map or compass; I got totally lost in the forest a few times, by night.

And a bug: I did not talk to the leader yet, but I got to the top floor the back way, which is enough for the log to think that he 'accepts to sell me items'.

No new since 2019, is it still on, or abandoned ?


I got this game a while back, but put it on the side since there are no user saves (which I see as a necessary feature for exploration).

Is this going to be added at some point?

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Hi, I am currently playing for the first time, and so far 2 things bother me.

I read through a lot of posts here, but did not see either mentioned, so here goes:

-1) There is relationship started early in the game with Selena, but that relationship disappeared precisely when the relationship with Galiene appeared.

It reappeared the next morning when I went to talk to her; there was now an arrow to extend the list of relationships, which should have first appeared earlier instead.

-2) I suspect an issue with the current rnd generator:

I had 3 times so far the situation where struggle kept failing non-stop until I eventually reloaded the previous save.

After the first time it happened, I took to counting, and the next 2 instances of this issue reached 20 consecutive struggle fails before I reloaded.

In both cases I started from willpower 55 and good health.

Playing the PC version through the Itch installer.

Incompatible with Itch's installer

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Just reached the current end to the PC version, 4 bugs/issues to report:

- Settings in 'Options' are not saved, they only last the current gaming session.

- The main menu misses an 'exit game' option; currently requires Alt-F4, or closing the window if in windowed mode.

- In the village at the end of the current version, there is one bed which you can walk over.

- The current version listed is 'WINDOWS Lawmage Academy v0.8', but the current end of game refers to 0.7 (installation using itch's installer, if it matters).

Same issue, I eventually bought the game through GOG since it was not available here, for me it is now unplayable (so many crashes, and ONLY automatic save at the end of game day)

Buying a new laptop just to play this game is NOT an option.

Thumb down

oops   xD

I had been following this on and off for some time amongst others game, did not noticed that it was now finished ...

Feedback about the download itself (I am using FF latest version, will NOT use Edge, Chrome, nor any browser derived from Chrome - for instance the versions of Opera for the past 2 years or so).

At the end of download, the download window displays a message under the file name: 'This file is not commonly downloaded'.

After download, the usual thing is to click 'Clear Download' to remove finished downloads and cancelled download from the list; THAT removed the downloaded file as well, as if it had been cancelled.

2nd attempt, clicking instead on the button to open the folder into which that file is downloaded, opens a pop-up (never seen before) warning that the file may be unsafe, and asking for manual confirmation.

Before that manual confirmation, the file was NOT available as a finished download in the download folder.

I suggest you might want to have a word with

The non-Patreon version, which is clearly a demo version.

Sorry if I forgot to precise it.


I was replying for Monster Girl RPG, but I can check that one out as well :-)

Just added it to my collection, and downloading it atm.

I tried the demo version, but honestly did not go far.

2 things stopped me:

- The lousy character name (bad even for a demo).

- The early mention that the demo did not contain any H stuff.

Never received any answer to my post from around 2 years ago.

Checking this again today, I see that there is now a button to download Mahou Arms v.0.0.206, however it does not work:

- First I have a warning from Firefox about this page attempting to open pop-up.

- If I go in options to allow that pop-up, it opens instead a tab to, but that ends up with an error message:

Cannot GET /standalones/

(probably the same thing the previous poster reported 3 months ago).


If you still need a tester, I do have a lot of time on my hands, plus I have done this kind of things in the past for various games (I was even in the credits for one).

However, I cannot use Discord (I rejected their ToS a few years back, and afaik they did not change the part I would not accept).

I do have an email address I can give you instead (but NOT make public).

Removing this game from my list since apparently the full game is now Steam-only.

I blacklisted Steam years ago, and the reasons for that are still standing.

Removing from my list, since the author is no longer updating on this site.

The developers are now clearly ignoring this site, therefore removing this game from my list.

I will NOT go back on Steam which I blacklisted years ago (the reasons for that are still standing).

Well, since I blacklisted Steam years ago, and the reasons for that are still standing, I am now removing this game from my watching list...

I have been following this game for some time.

I am curious to know why it is not for sale here, while I found recently that it is now for sale on GOG ?

I use both sites, and I am puzzled with this considering that the whole development stage is/was posted here.