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Action RPG with Bitcoin economy · By megogame

Current Issues and Ideas for Hammercoin

A topic by thatboyGB created Dec 08, 2017 Views: 347 Replies: 6
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-Trading system between players

-Player and monster remaining hp number

-Making more towns people in the nexus.(having a potions vender, materials vender, weapons and armor vendor)

-Quest log

-Ability to split stacks of items.(opens to possibility of combining smaller potions to make bigger ones)

-A way to expand the mini map and make it bigger, maybe have undiscovered areas in a fog of war.

-Bosses around the map.

-Something to show how much experience your are getting per kill


-Chests don'work

-Sometimes monster re spawn rates get outrageous and there could be 100+ in one small room sometimes

-Needs more quests.( make some quests to defeat certain monsters)

-Graphics lacking compared to the pictures and videos on the website

-Some of the npc grammar is "off"

-A guide to understand your capabilities in the game and how to do certain things. (I'm level 11 and I am still unsure on how to get a bow, use magic, or tarot cards.

These are some of the Ideas and Issues I have for Hammercoin right now. I am and experienced gamer of may years and I believe I have the knowledge to help Hammercoin to become an awesome game.

Thank you for your time.



We are right now fixing some issues you mentioned.

We will discuss your ideas too! 

Thank you GB

The primary issue for me is one that I'm afraid is built-in to the game design... because the ONLY currency used is bitcoin, the game economy is pretty stagnant. NPCs can't buy your items because they don't have money to do so, because the developers can't just keep pushing real money into the NPC coffers. Because of this, players just collect tons of items they can't use and then they have no way to acquire bits except the extremely slow process of getting them from monsters (which, again, has to be slow because it would be unwise for the developer to just shove real money into that) or from depositing money themselves, or from getting extremely lucky and having an NPC get filled up by another player.

If items could be used in more complex ways, or rare items could be found that certain characters wanted, and then a character could run a small shop in the main village, it would encourage players to spend the money on each other, and to look for rare items to potentially sell so they could buy from others.

You'd have actual movement in the economy. I would feel a lot better about putting bitcoin into this game if I could potentially buy a rare item someone found or something someone carefully crafted after gathering tons of specific items... 

The alternative is to make bitcoin one currency, and have a primary currency aside from that. You could create a full, normal game economy but allow anything sold by an NPC to be purchased for a few bits instead of tons of "credits" or whatever currency name you give it... then players could trade back and forth and they could accept credits, bits, or both for an item. That would incentivize people to put money in (for the reason in my last comment... the chance to get rarer items) while also incentivizing people to play the game because, if they put the work in, they could sell something for real bits and cash out.

On a side note, if you guys needed any help in the development side, I would be happy to contribute code to this project. I've been developing games professionally for a decade now, and I even have a bit of experience with crypto coding. PM me if you're at all interested. I wouldn't need payment, I'm just interested in this project.

Also, there is an issue that looks like it just showed up in today's update:

- The mission in Moonscape to make a Lizard Amulet changed to being a mission to make a "Venom Amulet" but there's no such item, and crafting a Lizard Amulet completes the quest. Also, the new mission description no longer includes the crafting recipe, but that might be a purposeful design decision.


that's a super useful bug report!

thanks! :D