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A member registered Dec 05, 2017

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-Trading system between players

-Player and monster remaining hp number

-Making more towns people in the nexus.(having a potions vender, materials vender, weapons and armor vendor)

-Quest log

-Ability to split stacks of items.(opens to possibility of combining smaller potions to make bigger ones)

-A way to expand the mini map and make it bigger, maybe have undiscovered areas in a fog of war.

-Bosses around the map.

-Something to show how much experience your are getting per kill


-Chests don'work

-Sometimes monster re spawn rates get outrageous and there could be 100+ in one small room sometimes

-Needs more quests.( make some quests to defeat certain monsters)

-Graphics lacking compared to the pictures and videos on the website

-Some of the npc grammar is "off"

-A guide to understand your capabilities in the game and how to do certain things. (I'm level 11 and I am still unsure on how to get a bow, use magic, or tarot cards.

These are some of the Ideas and Issues I have for Hammercoin right now. I am and experienced gamer of may years and I believe I have the knowledge to help Hammercoin to become an awesome game.

Thank you for your time.