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A topic by FairyoftheMoon created Dec 08, 2017 Views: 113 Replies: 2
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Hi! So I'm new to game creation, but I finally got some inspiration to create my first game! It's about raising a dragon, since I absolutely love dragons. <3 I'm still programming a lot of the game and figuring out some important elements that will help lead to different endings, but I'm still excited for the end result!

These are some of the most recent screenshots of the game:

The background is just a placeholder image at the moment. I also have some concept art.

I am currently stuck with some programming issues with the inventory that I'm not sure how to get around.

FireEyes is sort of a temp name, but I might stick with it if I don't have anything better. Definitely will do my best to keep this updated!

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Sometimes the silly things that happen while trying to figure out programming is so dumb but so amusing.

Images are placeholders.

EDIT: I tried to adjust it and


I did finally get it down to the way I want it though.

So like, really sorry for disappearing. School has kept me really busy and I was super frustrated figuring out the inventory system. I think I might've found a basic way around that so I'm actually working on getting that set up so I can officially feel like I can continue with it.

There will probably be some spacing out between updates since I still have school to do and it doesn't end until the end of April. Hopefully I'll have more after graduation to work on it!