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Empire Deluxe Combined Edition

The latest in the classic Empire Series of games, which has spanned almost five decades. · By Killer Bee Software

Information on Bug Reporting Sticky Locked

A topic by Killer Bee Software created Dec 06, 2017 Views: 767
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Developer (4 edits)

If you have encountered an issue first my apologies and second I would like to try and fix it. If you would rather contact me directly, you can always send an email to

There are essentially two types of problems: First with the vanilla game. Second with a modified game.

For vanilla issues, please remain constructive and describe the issue in detail. Saved games often prove very useful in repeatable situations. My first step will be to be able to repeat the issue. If I can, It will be fixed. If I cannot, it “might” be fixed after some digging around.

Some bugs only occur because of someone's unique play-style. So I also may try to work with you personally by requesting you send me an email and we may go through the issues to see where the bug is appearing. These situations do require your patience and understanding, and I thank you in advance for that.

For mod issues, (Unit Set, Source Code), the bug may or may not be related to your mod. With a mod, you may be traversing down an unintended code path or running against some assumption in the program. I cannot guarantee these can be fixed if mod related, but I would like to give it a try. 

The philosophy towards mods is essentially everything is exposed, and whether or not it works like you would like is another matter. However, I can be approached with proposed changes and if I deem then not to be too much of a code risk and they do not violate any sacred game rules/mechanics, I can try to get them in. Most mod change requests that come about occur because there is some assumption in the code that needs to be a setting many changes are possible.

If the problem is repeatable and  occurs after you reload the game and you get a notice, the best thing to do is send an archive. 

To make/send an archive, follow these steps:

  1. Off the Main Menu, Go to the Load Game Screen.
  2. Find the game in question. You  will see an "A" button for archiving 
  3. Click on the A Button, and enter an archive name.
  4. Find the <GameData Directory> location, which can be looked up in the Administration Screen (Directories Button)
  5. Locate the file, if it is big you can zip it. Then email it to

Sometimes, you might be asked to zip up and send me the logs of a game. This can be done by:

  1. Find the <GameData Directory> location, which can be looked up in the Administration Screen (Directories Button)
  2. Zip up  <Game Data Directory>/log. Then email it to

If the issue involves a mod, Mod authors should be prepared to send me the main mod file, currently located in <Game Data Directory>/udb. I do not need the extra sound/image files. 

For Windows People:

If you cannot find the <Game Data Directory> because Windows has hidden files activated, follow these instructions.

Alternatively,  and this may be better for you for easy access:

  1. At your desktop
  2. Right Click –> New –> Shortcut
  3. Enter the following: C:\Users\<Your Windows User Name>\AppData\LocalLow\KBSW\EmpireDeluxe

And that gives you access to that area. <Your Windows user name> is displayed in the Administration, Game Data Directory line. The drive letter (C:) may also be different.