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Vehicle combat/racing mashup · By Stevie G

Challenge 4

A topic by ZXDunny created Dec 05, 2017 Views: 247 Replies: 3
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How an earth? I tried a couple of different vehicles with the swap mechanism. One looks like it has rocket engines on the back but nothing I press seems to make any difference. How on earth do I get up to the blue base?

Bah, figured it out :) Need a car that can jump!


Glad you got it sorted.  The Stinger has the missile tubes but as weapons are off for this challenge you can't use them.  Please be sure to post if you get stuck again or if you can complete all 60.  There are a good few tough ones in there. .

You're not kidding :)

Had a few months of work, didn't get time to play around in this little gem. Getting back into it now - avoiding the police for 4 mins is bloody tricky!