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Kickstarter - Action platformer inspired by Hollow Knight and Journey

A topic by Kiro Team created 96 days ago Views: 55
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Hi, my name is Idir. I am the founder of the game development studio Kiro Team. I recently became a game developer and started a new project called Souno's Curse : an atmospheric action platformer inspired by Hollow Knight and Journey, featuring metroidvania elements, hand-drawn art and a moving story about regret and living in the moment.

There was a lot of love and effort that went into making this game and we were able to make a demo for it. Unfortunately we have limited resources as we're working on it without any form of payment. That's why we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign and ask for the help of the community.

The campaign is 70% funded, we still need your help in order to make the game happen. If you liked the trailer and the project please consider supporting the campaign :

Links to the demo
- itch.io
- steam

I'm available if you have any questions or remarks.

Thank you,


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