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Looking for Programmer for a 3rd Person Tower Defense Game

A topic by Terran8793 created Feb 26, 2016 Views: 275
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Hello Everyone,

My name is Terran Thomas and I have put together a small team to develop a third Person Tower Defense Game.

The Game is much like Orcs Must Die, Dungeon Defenders, and sanctum. It will focus on fast action, challenging maps, an interesting and compelling storyline, and features that will set it apart from other games in the genre.


My Contributions: I am currently working as the Game Designer and Character Concept Artist to give the game it's own unique style and feel. I also have a basic understanding of coding, not enough for any major dedication to the field, but enough to help if needed.

Talent Needed

We are currently seeking a 2D character artist/designer capable of matching our games art style as well as a UI designer.

Please, do not contact me and waste my time if you are not serious about completing a game. For all you people who have never been in or are new to the industry; making a game is not something that happens over night or even in a few weeks. it takes years for gaming companies that have hundreds of people working full time for a AAA game to be released.

2D Artist - draw concept and UI, HUD, title graphics and other digital art.

Coder - Any one who is proficient in C# or C++ is preferred. Also, any one who knows SVN/git well enough to manage our project is needed.

If you think you can contribute in any way not listed please feel free to add me as well!

Programs: Unity, Skype, Google Drive, GitHub


Currently the game is in it's very early stages, with some basic programming done. We do have a working prototype and I'll list all the working functions down below. I am looking for people who are serious about making games and willing to start as soon as possible. This game is mainly to gain experience with the chance of retail, most likely through steam.

Anyone who joins the team will be required to sign an simple Non-Disclosure Agreement.


If you are interested in working on the game and/or would like more information please add me on Skype or contact me via Email.

Skype: terran.thomas - (You can find me easier by putting in my email address)