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Thoughts for the future Sticky

A topic by Bernhard Potuzak created Oct 15, 2021 Views: 47
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Hello everyone!

Since I uplaoded a prototype of the first section of my little game, I wanted to share some thought:

  1. I very like the style of the game as it is now, but I am considering to change the player character to have more personality. Also I am not sure if I should keep the pxiel filter or if I just should (finally) draw some pixel art myself (8 or 16bit). Let me know hwat you think about it :)
  2. I am planning to do 3 sections, 1 are the caves, the section you can play right now. 2 will be a mountains type section and 3 the laboratory where you will have a boss encounter. 
  3. More things are spinning inside my head but these 2 are the biggest ones.

Let me know what you think :)

Best wishes,