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Cookie Cutter MZ - Fishing System

A project template for RPG Maker MZ. Copy and paste it into your own project to utilize a custom evented fishing system! · By Caz

Swapping sprite image

A topic by Lord Malice created Oct 12, 2021 Views: 159 Replies: 2
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It's probably because I'm new to this but is it possible to swap the MC (custom) sprite with Reid's while fishing?  or at least generator parts of the rod so I can add it into any custom character image for male/female/kid for npc idle also?


Hi there! The sprite used for Reid was made custom, but I can totally whip up a version of the arms holding the rod that you can paste on top of your existing sprites. I hope this works! :D

You can adjust which sprite is used in Common Event 101 by changing the "Set Movement Route" to your own character~


Thank you very much.