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Figuro 3D Designer

A topic by Figuro created Dec 02, 2017 Views: 184
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Figuro 3D Designer is a free, online 3D modeling app for everyone. It can be used for game development, 3d printing, architecture and so on.


  • Completely online. No installation required. Works anywhere.
  • Polygonal modeling with a whole bunch of 3D editing tools.
  • Booleans. UV editing. Subdivision modeling.
  • OBJ/STL import and export.
  • 3D gallery to show off your models.
  • Video tutorials to get you up and running.

Use Figuro if you're looking for powerful 3D tools wrapped in a friendly user-interface. It is easier to use than most other 3D software. Above all, it's fun and free!

Figuro is now listed at You can find it here:

Figuro itself can be found on:

Figuro is LIVE and we're working hard on various enhancements. Updates are released almost every week. If you have ideas for improvements, we'd love to hear about them!