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WarIR - [AI-Sandbox]

Construct chaos and tinker with thinkers · By RexTGun

Questions Sticky

A topic by RexTGun created Nov 30, 2017 Views: 386 Replies: 11
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if you have any questions just ask here!

So, how does the training work? They don't seem to have any cycles. Like, how long will it be till they begin to exhibit some interesting behaviors?


Every time they die they remember how they died and do less of that. When they get a kill they start doing more of what got them that kill. with every time they get a kill their memory also expands so they "mature" over time

Okay, but if I built a maze, they wouldn't learn how to maneuver through it, right? 'Cause all they only learn how to kill or be killed.


if there are enemy's at the end of it and you gave them long enough they would learn to traverse it as long as there is a reward in place and the time to learn

Are you ever going to make it available on windows? If its completely out the window (Unintentional pun) then forget I asked.


That's not completely out the window. as it is already on windows

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On downlaod page it says that I can speed up time, but I don't quite see it in game. How do I do it? /I am a year late, but whatever xd/


sorry for being 15 days late! not often I still get questions, just press T!

Is it a virus?


unfortunately not, instead of being some badass malware  attacker or blackhat hacker, or even working a stable job in software or web development, i am just a broke ass gamedev trying my luck at becoming the next big time success 

keep working. hope u get money ;)