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"What The Hell!?" First try on the Global Game Jam 2016

A topic by Jochen Hintringer created Feb 21, 2016 Views: 219
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Hy there! :)

We are really proud to announce our first game made with Superpowers. It was an experiment during the Global Game Jam 2016 in Austria and we had a lot of fun developing our game in this engine.

It really still needs a lot of improvements and things, that we really missed in Superpowers, but the collaboration feature was awesome!!


Help the devil to pull the souls deeper into hell by using the mouse. The red portals are going deeper, the blue ones are going higher until heaven. Try to avoid loosing them into heaven-portals, because that costs you score.
The souls can only get through a hell-portal, if you are at the same floor, but souls can always use heaven-portals to go higher So be careful and find your strategy.

Use the keys 1-3 to switch between floors and your mouse to pull the souls in any directions.

Thanks and keep on going working on this engine!