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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Advice for newbies?

A topic by Nashina created Nov 26, 2017 Views: 16,299 Replies: 7
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I am just posting because i am a bit confused how the game works, How do i make money and get food? I tried assigning someone to my farm but it did nothing. Also when i go out of the starting town i keep being attacked by bandits and always dying. So i realise i must be too low level, so how do i level up enough? Thanks


For food and money assign slaves to occupations like foraging or local town works.

For exploration make sure you have at least some gear and equipped companions are also handy. 

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Here's a few tips.

- First, take your time. There's no penalties to clicking through a week to accumulate gold and food and supplies. Slaves gain XP from daily jobs too, so you can spam it if you want a few more stat points. Just keep Praising when they're ready to get that Loyalty higher!

- Foraging is a decent way to get food early game because the yield isn't stat-based, but hunting can also return supplies. As long as their Courage is good (45+) they can do okay hunting. Also supplies can be sold, but food can't.

- Remember, slaves can be awfully cheap, and the ones you buy from the guild come with a high obedience so you can put them straight to work. There's nothing wrong with packing your house with cheap slaves early on just to get some coin together, and it means you can send one or two to training and not have it wreck your income.

- PROTIP: if anyone's awareness ((Agility x 3) + (Wits / 10)) is higher than the encounter's (fixed value), you choose whether to fight or not. You might want to dedicate a party slot to a scout in early game just so you don't get bogged down in bandits.

- Most of the stats end up mattering a lot in combat, one way or the other. If anything, you can neglect Magic Affinity for a bit since most things that use it also cost mana. Its abilities are really powerful though, so you'll eventually want to raise it too.

- Try to always have a full party for combat; even if one or two aren't combat slaves, they'll sponge damage that will heal over time.


Thanks guys, I also have a question about discpline. how do i keep them discplined, they always loose it quickly and steal my stuff and run away.


Build up their loyalty and try to keep obedience high. Personal interactions (both punishments and sex) tend to affect those.

You can get a lot of obedience passively. Maid uniforms and slave collars can increase obedience pretty quickly, and you can swap them to a new maid once the obedience is high. Also, punishment and praising works really well, and a punishment + beating works exceptionally well, though it will backfire if their obedience is already high.

Loyalty is harder to build - praising or sex is the best way. It'll grow on its own day by day, but very slowly.

Make sure they're getting enough luxury for their grade, or both loyalty and obedience will go down daily. Slaves don't need anything, but even a Poor grade slave needs some nice underthings or some extra food.

Punishments and slave collars cause stress, so you'll want to stretch those out over days so they relax. Or just Sedate them.

At what level within the guild are you able to keep the babies that are born in your nursery? I've had a few babies born but had to give them away, even though I had upgraded the nursery, because it said my guild level wasn't high enough, but it doesn't say what level it has to be.

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How do I assign someone to a job

Edit: Found it!!!