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Zombie attack! we made a command line game :D

A topic by mv games created Nov 24, 2017 Views: 138
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Ataque Zombie is a command line game where you have to use bombs to escape from the zombies that chase you or run as fast as you can to the door to level up.

It is developed entirely in C++ and we used ncurses library to create the CLI. It is libre software and the source code is available in our GitLab web page. It's available for Linux and Windows, in english and spanish.

All the information can be found in our site, including the download links:

Release the nerd inside! play it and tell us if you like it :D Also, you can leave us a comment telling us to which level you’ve got. This and this are how far we got. The second one was without being killed even once!  (We were playing the spanish version, so "Puntaje" means "Score" and "Nivel" means "Level".)