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Try my new Game, Tappy Souls, a souls like clicker game

A topic by droweed created Nov 22, 2017 Views: 100
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have a go at it :D

About the game:

it's originally a gamejam entry here in our local event, got disqualified cause I didn't make it on time. so just added a week or so to wrap it up, and released it here instead .

The gamejam theme was masks originally, and so there are 'modes' the player enters into by using masks (which is now just replaced by a skill on the final version).

In my original concept, I thought of Dark Souls, and how there's no casual mode to it, so I got inspiration from nonstop knight, added the mechanics of Dark Souls into it (death penalty/money penalty/difficulty?) and mashed it up together. :)

its also on mobile, but the desktop version has better performance