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Try our new game, The Last Soldier Standing! (tlss)

A topic by FrozenGames created Nov 21, 2017 Views: 114
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Hello everyone 

 Do you like adventure games, strategy, with history and in 3rd person? This game is a good option for you, I invite all who are reading this publication, that they like this type of entertaining games, that have a complete history, fun, to pass the time and that you can interact in the same story, being you, the main protagonist of the game. I invite you to try our new game...

  The last soldier standing!

 This game, still in development, is based on completing a series of missions, at the same time being able to see the story, be the same protagonist of this story, and be able to feel that you are part of the protagonist's skin. 

More information, you can find it on the game page.

 * Main features of the game:

 -It is available in languages such as: English and Spanish.

 - Soon, there will be more game modes that the user can play. Among them: 

 * Multiplayer (Possibly) 

* Survival (Confirmed) 

* Missions or sandbox (Confirmed)

 -Because Christmas is near, We are developing a new version of the game, This will be paid. More information, you will find it on the game page.

 -You can interact with the characters.

 -Every year, we will try to make events on holidays, such as halloween, Christmas, thanksgiving or others. 

 -The game will soon have more options, considering that we are still developing it.

 -It's free! 

-All the characters, animations and others, are made by us.

 -Constant attention to our followers.

 -And many others! To see the history of the game, go to the game page.

Link to the game:

 I think this has been all, Here is a imagen of the game: