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Star Plantation Patch 1.3 Out Now!

A topic by Kando Corp created Nov 21, 2017 Views: 70
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Patch 1.3 is out now!

Patch 1.3 will feature many big changes to the game as well as a tonne of content.

Changes So Far(20/11/2017)

Here is a list of the changes and things we have added so far. Please note these are not the final patch notes and will change with time.

-New Zones, The Deep Dark.

-Archives, Players will find archives that will help tell the story and let the player progress through the game.

-Zone unlocks, we are adding gating into the zones so players must complete at least some things in the previous zones to unlock the next ones.

-New Intro, the game will have a fresh intro as our old prototype one just doesn't cut it anymore.

-Several Bug Fixes

-Players inventory space will now increase at levels 3 and 8 to allow you to hold more per slot.

-Snow Bun Buns will no longer deal damage.

-Increased spawn rates in certain areas and have increased the number of creatures active in zones.

-Crafting 2.0, Players will have a much more expanded crafting system and will feature some much needed improvements to the old system we had.

-Crafting 2.0 is such a BIG task that we have decided to move this onto our patch 1.4 to allow a full experience to be made for the players. Please note: This won't reset your save progress or machines currently made.