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Peril Demo - Requesting Level Design Feedback

A topic by Darvos created 38 days ago Views: 100 Replies: 2
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So I need some help with Level design. I use my Javelin as a tool to jump to create platforms. There is also a combat system. I am trying to find a balance between the two. I'm starting to feel like the puzzle aspect may provide for a better experience and I should use the combat as a filler to break between puzzles.  Please try out the demo and let me know what you think of the level design. That is by far the hardest part to building this game.


Add me on discord (we can screen share your experience if your willing): darvos#2317

Email me at

Download and run app

Still looking for some level design feedback. I also fixed the jump to make it easier and more controlled.


Hi, I finished level 5 and the game is coming out great! The cave level is my favorite so far. The use of javelin to catch fire and light the player's way is so much fun and awesome looking. Check out the screen shots and play the demo. Feedback is welcome!