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Release Notes V 0.1.4 Sticky Locked

A topic by kopskop created Nov 19, 2017 Views: 834
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V 0.1.4 - Optimization Build

There were a few things we didn't get time for leading up to the release of Shattered Realms, one of which was optimizing the game for lower end machines. We've spent the last few weeks fixing this, and hopefully the game now runs at a stable 60 fps for everyone. If you are still having problems with low frame rates, please let us know.

  • Optimized Shattered Glass effect (Now runs completely on GPU). It also looks slightly better :)
  • Added a Frames Per Second (FPS) counter in the top left so players can see if they're dropping frames.

V 0.1.3 - Versus Mechanics Build

At the Shattered Realms Versus Tournament we saw some really high levels of gameplay. This helped us to identify some gaps in the combo system and tighten things up. Here are some of the improvements you'll experience in both Arcade and Versus Mode:

  • Wall and Groundbounce are now untechable until 25 frames after hitting the ground or floor.
  • Helm Splitter & Dive Kick causes Soft Knockdowns (you can quick-rise).
  • EX Helm Splitter causes Hard Knockdown (you can't quick-rise).
  • EX Stomp causes Hard Knockdown on hits 3 & 4.
  • Hitstun on last hit of Rapid Fire increased to 35. (To more easily extend grounded combos)
  • Dodge can now be held down when hit while standing to Dodge as soon as hitstun runs out.
  • Style gain when you Perfect Dodge and EX Perfect Dodge.

V 0.1.2 - Versus Build

  • Added Versus HUD.
  • Added Timer, Rounds and Match Wins counter.
  • Win Conditions are by K.O. or Style Judgement (Time Out).
  • Versus movement is now constrained so players are always in the same plane.
  • Versus Sponsor added for Versus Mode only.


  • Wall- and Groundbounce Secondary Hitboxes no longer prevent Primary Hitbox from hitting.

Style Judgement (Time Out)

During Versus combat, all damage done is multiplied by a factor based on your Style Rank when the attack lands. This value is then compared when deciding a winner on Time Out. So it is possible to still win on Time Out with less health than your opponent, if you were being more Stylish than they were.