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B.Carve (Beta)

After Effects Content-Aware Scale Plugin 路 By Wunkolo

Bugs Sticky

A topic by Wunkolo created 36 days ago Views: 55 Replies: 6
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Use this thread to report on any bugs that you've come across. Please include the version of After Effects you're using and any associated crash dumps that you can provide!

I receive After Effects error: plug-in "B-Carve.aex" could not be loaded (126).

( 48:: 46 ) (OS: Windows 10) (AE 2020 & 2015)

and also

After Effects error: invalid filter

(25 :: 3 )


What GPU do you have? And do you have the latest drivers?

This is a GPU-accelerated plugin utilizing Vulkan. So it will be dependent on your system supporting Vulkan!

Ah just checked, I have a 1050ti. Don't worry 馃槈 

Love all your other plugins 馃榿

Sorry is there anyway to get a refund?


Oh, sure you may start the refund process here