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Offering Music For The Game...

A topic by CyrusPaul created Nov 17, 2017 Views: 130
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I am a composer based in LA. My career is slowly starting and I enjoy every minute of it!! I've worked on many media projects (Film, TV, Web series, etc) but not video games yet. So if you would like an eager and passionate video game rookie composer, I am your guy! I would particularly love to compose in the electronic style (Mark Mothersbaugh, Trent Reznor, 80's synth pop, etc) but I am open to anything as I can do many styles (orchestral, world, urban, techno, house, techno-house, minimal techno-house...ok, I'll stop) 

I'd be interested in working with indie projects. I'd love to be paid a million dollars but if you don't have budget at all I'm still down.

Thank you for reading!!!