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Feedback Sticky

A topic by Jordan Millett created 39 days ago Views: 22 Replies: 2
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Reply with any thoughts or ideas you have on how to make the game more enjoyable and I'll look them over.

Hello Jordan,

I found your via the r/SoloDevelopment. I actually had a similar idea for a game that am prototyping. ;)

First, good idea on having this feedback and bug posts. 

Second, one bit of feedback about the game is the cursor doesn't always remained locked to main screen. For instance, I use ALT+TAB a lot to switch windows. Once I do this, the cursor is visible in game and goes onto other screens. Then, I can't interact with anything because the OS thinks the cursor is outside the game and I am trying to click something on another screen/monitor when in reality I am trying to use the in-game crosshair to select the cell phone or people's papers. Solution: I see that you are using Unity, so try implementing Cursor.lockState's here. Hope this helps!




Ah interesting, I wasn't aware there was an issue with that but in the Unity editor the cursor lockstate almost never reflects how it actually works lol. I also recently added the developer console which entirely messes with the cursor lockstate so I bet that could be the culprit. 

Anyways, thanks for the feedback!