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Draw Your Blade

VR game where you literally draw your blade and fight orbs · By Gama

Export to WebVR?

A topic by cvan created Nov 13, 2017 Views: 254
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Hi there! First off, great game!

I work at Mozilla on the Mixed Reality & VR team (, working on WebVR ( and A-Frame ( We're working on the WebGL players for Unity/Unreal Engine to properly support the WebVR API (

We'd be ecstatic and grateful if you're willing to share your game's source code with us — and my colleague and I will do all the hacking and experimenting.

We really want to be able to have good starting examples (and proof!) that with just a few button clicks, you can be loading your Unity/Unreal VR games directly from within your Web browser.

With your permission, we could also use your project as a case-study sample and share it as well on a few of our web sites.

Let me know if any of this sounds of interest to you. My email's cvan<at>mozilla<dot>com, or you can reach me on Twitter, @cvanw. Thank you very much!