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I literally rage quit on level 1

and then raged again when Grammarly incorrectly appeared

I got there, you just got there in the glitchy version of the mountain.

I couldn't do the first part. Then realized the sign was right.

It's probably trying to open discord.

It just constantly moves the screen to the top left

Mystic mod is free ya know

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Every single time I press back it opens a popup saying "You'll need a new app to open this discord link," it's annoying.

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I think this is called CMMM Plus+, so this is CMMM++.

I thought there was an easy mode.

Am I playing Baba Is You, but the version in the gallery?

I lost all my health at the last enemy of the last phase T_T

I tried to catch a shot of the shift key going brrrrr, but I had to press ctrl+shift+i to do it which then shift gets rid of all the keys.

what does  mean

Wouldn't it just get a folder from the right of it?

I finished a full game level, in the demo

I can't figure out the level where you only have the character's positions to connect. I think I know the solution, I just can't perform it.

The controls are shown on the first level.

I'm working on porting this to Scratch.

(Scratch is a coding website where you can code with blocks. Click here to see it.)


puns intended

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Nvm, I use Chrome, it doesn't work, but I enabled WebGL dev features in chrome://flags and now it works just fine.

I did it right, but then I got flung to the winning checkpoint and got teleported to the start of the game.

Spot the robot that isn't broken, only off!

I turned on WebGL dev features on Chrome, that enables WebGL.

got 1145

The animation makes it look like a feature, not a bug.

I did it by pressing the crate button a bunch of times and using the screen tearing to push 2 crates out and use the one that fell over to tear the screen and grab many boxes with the extreme screen tearing. Then push them against the wall and get in.

You can also use the crates to get out.

I could only get to the virtual cookie one 🍪

try reloading i had the same problem and that helped

I've seen level editor version 431D in a lot of videos, but I can't find it here. Where is it?

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Well, then how did you type that if you don't have a computer to do it? Did you borrow someone else's?

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I liked it. On the game player on, it says I don't have any progress but I played the entire game on

It fits for another game jam, Wowie game jam 3.0.

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Click the empty right arrow slot to retrieve it

I found out header 6 is smaller than normal text



Hi cat

A normal-length game

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The last part was hard. How I beat it is I got out the left arrow to block the bottom ball so I could think, then when I figured it out I moved the key a bit to the left then jumped on it, dodging the balls then moved it up, then repeat until I reached the top and retrieved left arrow and used up arrow to walk across and retrieved it.

I was gonna make a new comment for this but merged it. Anyway, I thought the interpretation of the theme was, so if you moved a key into the world, that key would now be, "out of control". However, I looked at the description and it said it's actually make your path "out of control"s.

Before I even played the game (when I was watching the game jam video) I did/thought of a strategy: When you're using the keys as your path, always use only keys you're not using.

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This happened to me too, but I could get it on-screen with the right arrow because the key I lost was the left arrow.

I did this

For some reason, it doesn't load on chrome. It works just fine on edge though.