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Bit.Saw is coming to Android (Officially and Fully)

A topic by Shubshub created Feb 14, 2016 Views: 219 Replies: 1
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A While ago I released Bit.Saw on android after porting part of it to the Unity Engine, that build only had 10 levels and I lost interest in working on it

However recently I have begun porting over the original source code to Android (Because I now have the export module to do so) And its coming to Android hopefully full release before the end of this month however you can start playing immediately by joining the open beta test!

Click here to go to Google Play

And its absolutely free to play!
In the full production release (Which isn't out yet) we are bringing support for custom texture packs as well c: so make sure to check that out once we launch later this month (The planned release date is this week but things can change because bugs and whatnot)

Its out now officially on android!